New Services

Conservation and restoration of preserved material.

Creation of an inventory of documents and their conditions.

Creation of a conservation plan and management of the archive.

Creation and production of digital copies of all documents, in order to ensure long-term preservation and access.

The new archive will organize and catalogue the archives in order to make it easier to search and consult them.

Creation of a database to make the funds accessible even remotely, to
facilitate consultation by allowing citizens, young people, students and
tourists better access to the assets preserved.

Focus on historical research using archival objects.

The specific objective of the Archive will be the formation, education and
dissemination of identity assets, through the use of archival funds.

New Technology


A database of archived documents will be created through specific software.

Automated Cataloguing

Automated cataloguing through algorithms of artificial intelligence and automatic learning will catalogue and index documents more quickly and efficiently.

New Strategies

The Archive, through the acquired technology, will provide with new strategies of inclusion in the community.